Clinical research

About Chagas disease clinical research

Saitama Medical University Center of Clinical Infectious Disease and Research is accepting clinical test requests for Chagas disease.
Contact information
Saitama Medical UniversityTakuya Maeda (Microbiology )

Thank you for your cooperation in specimen collection.

Inspection procedure

1.Request for inspection

 Please send an e-mail to Saitama Medical University, Department of Microbiology, Maeda ( I would appreciate it if you could show a easy progress.

2.Information on inspection procedure

 The person in charge will guide you along with the necessary documents regarding the procedure of the examination and how to send the specimen.

3.Send samples and obtain consent form

 After obtaining the explanation and consent from the patient, please send the sample to our classroom. The requesting medical institution or doctor in charge obtains the explanation of the examination and consent form.

4.Chagas disease antibody test, genetic test

 The inspection fee will be paid at our department.

5.Returning results to the attending physician

 Regarding the test results, antibody tests will usually be returned within the same day to one week, and genetic tests will be returned in about one week.